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Jan Robles

Welcome! I'm a licensed counselor in Colorado Springs waiting to help you make a change and achieve a richer life. If you are experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety, then contact me to to learn techniques and tools that can get you out of your rut and start feeling happy again.

As marriage and couples counselor, I believe passionately in helping people experience the same joy I have in three decades of marriage. Don't give up on your relationship - I won't. I also know how important it is to start a marriage on the right foot, which is why I offer premarital counseling.

I have helped hundreds of clients work through trauma and PTSD, including army vets. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to get beyond traumatic experiences, but there is hope. No-one can change what happened in the past, but you don't have to be trapped by it.

I also offer life coaching to help you find your strengths, achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Don't settle: be the best you can be.

Whatever, your specific needs and goals, I'm here to help. To make things easier, I also do online sessions. Reach out today and make the change you deserve.

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